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And the winners are…

EN // The jury of W.A.Ve. 2015, composed by Gonçalo Byrne, Marianne Burkhalter and Fabrizio Barozzi, appointed three different mentions: ► To the workshop held by Sara Marini + Philippe Rahm; ► to the workshop held by Manuel Aires Mateus;

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Day 1 W.A.Ve. 2015, opening

IT// Alberto Ferlenga e Serena Maffioletti con Amerigo Restucci inaugurano i W.A.Ve. 2015 Ex Cotonificio di Santa Marta, Auditorium Foto di Umberto Ferro

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Liste assegnazione studenti

Le liste con l’assegnazione degli iscritti a ciascun workshop sono disponibili a questo link:

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Albergo diffuso. Discovering Lido

Professors Bettina Götz and Richard Manahl, ARTEC Architekten [AT] Guest critic (Friday July 10) Janos Kárász, Auböck + Kárász, Vienna

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The memory of the present. New uses and relationships for Poveglia island, underexposed archeology

Professor Guido Morpurgo and Annalisa de Curtis [IT]

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Abitare Venezia

Professor Manuel Aires Mateus [PT] Assistant Luz Jimenez

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Inhabiting Infrastructure

Professor Linna Choi & Tarik Oualalou [FR – MA] Assistant Tommaso Bernabò Silorata

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Contemporary Architecture in Venice #2 – Dorsoduro

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The Lagoon of Venice: The Theory of Assemblies

Professor Marta Moreira [BR]

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Urban Black Holes. The conflict between development and heritage in the metropolis of Lima

Professors Sandra Barclay, Jean Pierre Crousse [PE – FR] Assistants Alessandra Calmell, Anna Braghini

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